• Original Boundary & Boundary Retracements
  • Residential & Commercial Subdivision Maps
  • ALTA/SCSM Land Title Surveys and Plat Maps
  • Preparation of legal descriptions
  • Property research and line agreement
  • Property line disputes and expert testimony
  • Lot line adjustments
  • Construction Control and Staking
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Horizontal & Vertical Control Networks
  • Section Corner Perpetuation
  • Utility surveys
  • Rights-of-way delineation
  • FEMA Elevation Certificates
  • FEMA Letter of Map Revisions & Amendments

Site Design, Engineering & Permitting

Zoning, Site Setbacks, Parking Requirements

  • Rezoning & Platting Assistance
  • Engineering Feasibility Studies
  • Commercial Use Design
  • Industrial Site Design
  • Residential/Subdivision Site
  • Mixed Land Use Development

Geopool has considerable experience in subdivision planning, development, and construction. We provide turnkey services from start to finish. Our designs ensure that the client’s investment is fully maximized to its potential while highlighting the development's aesthetic features.  Geopool assist our clients with rezoning parcels and provide feasability studies so that projects may obtain subdivision and zoning approval.

Grading Plan, Utility Design, Stormwater Detention Requirements, State and Local Permits

  • Conceptual plans
  • Construction documents
  • Detention pond design
  • Development site assessment
  • Drainage studies
  • Cost estimating
  • Safety studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Grading design
  • Roadway design
  • Site planning and mapping
  • Water, sewer, and storm drainage studies and design
  • Preliminary and utilities grading
  • Site layout and engineering
  • Traffic and transportation studies
  • Traffic signal and street lighting design

From residential houses to commercial retail buildings, we have provided engineering services to many of our clients. Designing the lot grading of the property, calculating the required sizes of utility mains and services and determining the required stormwater detention volume require experience and knowledge of the subject property and the local codes and ordinances. Knowing which state and local departments need permits is important to starting and completing a project on time and on budget.

Building Stake-Out, Spot Foundation Plan and As-Built Plan Preparation

  • Construction Permitting
  • Progress meetings 
  • Design Modifications
  • Construction Records
  • Record Drawings

Construction management services may include: daily inspection, project documentation, submittal review, design support, CPM and shop drawing review, materials testing, cost estimating and claims analysis. Our resident engineers supervise the construction process and represent the owner's interests.

Upon receipt of the building permit, Geopool will discuss the schedule of the construction with the builder in order to establish a survey schedule. Geopool will stake out the building in accordance with the approved Site and Grading Plan and prepare a Spot Foundation Plan following the completion of the building’s foundation. This will be performed in a timely manner in order to maintain our client’s schedule.

At the completion of the project, Geopool will prepare as As-Built Plan, if required, and identify the items which differ from the original design for the builder’s information.

Our staff of licensed and trained professionals is proficient in current technology such as GPS and utilizes the latest CAD systems and design software (Micro-Station V.8, Geo-Pak 2004 and Auto-Cad 2007).



Site Design, Engineering & Permitting

Construction Services