About the Company

Geopool is a solutions-oriented full service civil engineering and surveying company founded in 1993. Our offices are located in Lemont, Illinois and we serve clients throughout Chicago and the Northern Illinois region. We provide site engineering, consulting and surveying work for property owners, builders, developers and municipalities. We are able to offer our clients innovative and cost-effective engineering site designs, building layout and as-built plan preparation services. We take pride knowing that we have developed many, long-term relationships with our clients. Our mission is to identify and assist clients in bringing a project to realization while maintaining schedules, deadlines and budgets so that our clients are as excited and happy at the completion of their project as they were at the onset.

What We Do

We have worked together with many of the Chicagoland suburban and collar county municipalities to efficiently and successfully complete countless projects for our clients. Our services include:

  • Surveying
  • Site Design, Engineering & Permitting
  • Construction Services

We assist our cilents in subdivision planning, condominium development or conversion, as well as site planning for commercial sites and planned unit developments. Prior to the start of a project, Geopool prepares a detailed proposal and discusses the project schedule with the client. Geopool will work with the builder and architect to determine the engineering submittal requirements to ensure that the project team understands the requirements and scope of the services for the project. Our fee includes addressing any review agency comments related to engineering design necessary for plan approval.


Site Design, Engineering & Permitting

Construction Services